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Successful experience with small and large team environments over 30 years ensures that the correct analysis with intentional focus on dedicated training and facilitation and coaching/consulting will be to your advantage in the long run and over time.


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Lead Consultant AND TRAINER

William Twinem

Founded on over 30 years experiential history in many facets of law enforcement and communication work, Bill Twinem is heading up the team of ACEtraining. With knowledgeable support from industry leading reference sources he facilitates, coaches, trains and consults in a wide area of corporate enhancement endeavors. Having been awarded several medals of valor, several life saving medals and meritorious service awards, and team of the year awards, Bill is well equipped to identify, structure action plans and grow your business and its teams beyond the normal "acceptable" outputs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  With decades of varying training and experience, and resources all over the country, the advantage to engaging ACEtraining for your internal growth and health is better in the long run.

Combined with SWAT and Tactical expertise and having responded to and assisted at the Aurora Theater incident, BIll provides the capability for training risk assessment both in the corporate and public arena. Identifiable, articulable indicators of potential threats both from internal and external need to be readily available Mid-level hands on management personnel.